Thursday, 21 January 2010

Me and my big ideas

New year, good intentions....but maybe a step too far. My resolution this year was to use the fantastic Craft Stamper magazine as a bit of a teacher and attempt to do every project in it as a learning exercise. I thought this would take me out of my comfort zone and get me playing with different products. I wanted to keep 'interpretation' to a minimum and use that discipline to widen my horizons.

This is my first effort and exposed how bad I am at some very basic techniques. A beginners' class with Susie Jefferson at Blade Rubber last weekend will hopefully have helped. Sadly, I have got no further with my challenge yet. I counted how many projects I would have to manage in a month and had got to 80 based on last month's issue!!!! Even for a New Year's Resolution that is too tall an order. I'm a once-a-month girl on current form. My crafting buddies, Lesley, Elaine and Judith thought the basic idea was worth running with and are joining in but we have changed the brief. We are now going to choose one project from every issue of the magazine and each produce our own version (interpretation most definitely allowed this time). Not content with just sharing the photos with each other, we are planning on posting them on a new dedicated blog which you can find here. The deadline for the first finished projects is not until the end of February so please be patient. But in between times, we are going to show sneak peeks, products and new finds we are planning to use and possibly some techniques that we pick up along the way.

You have probably reached this page via one of my buddies' blogs but I would urge you to visit all three as I am lucky to be crafting alongside some very talented ladies. We met in the virtual world as admirers of Elusive Images stamps and Graphicus guru Glenda Waterworth but we try to get together in the real world when we can.

Please join us on our blogging journey. It should be a pleasant amble.