Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The sofa wins again

I've had nothing new to blog for a while but I really need to get in the Christmas mood. I have plenty of materials and plenty of inspiration to refer to. But somehow my rear craves the proximity of the sofa when my muse calls! I thought if I put a picture of this lovely ribbon on my blog and stared at it long enough, I would get the calling. I've left the prices on these. Good value huh?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Another fairy card

I'm on a bit of a roll with the fairy now and happy to go with the flow as I'm still recovering from a 'dry' spell.

Because of the shading , the stamped flowers on the first fairy card look from a distance as if they are set in an aperture. So I tried making a real aperture card with the fairy perched on the frame. This was meant to be an experimental exercise and started with some fairly basic bloopers but I've spent a lot of time on it today and have completed a card. The fairy is layered and I'm quite happy with her. The greeting tag I quite liked but the words seem a bit lost on it and it looked no better matted on one or more layers. Maybe it would have looked better at an angle.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Change of scenery

I'm a bit bored with looking at the birds on my blog page so I thought I'd post a couple of pieces that might look a bit out of place.

I don't do cute or whimsical normally but I couldn't resist buying this fairy stamp at the Ally Pally show last month. I've thrown her in with a piece made with my new hibiscus Rollagraph wheel and some shrinkie flowers. Hope you can see a little bit of the shimmer on her wings and the flowery background.

The second is a box I made more than a year ago for a young friend. I suppose it is an exploding box but I hadn't heard of those at the time. I think it was probably inspired by a sample on one of Glenda Waterworth's shows. But there is no stamping on this and no ink either. The message reads "Your smile makes my day a happy one."