Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

One of the last jobs on my list yesterday was to make some fresh flower decorations. I started with the most gorgeous collection of flowers.

I left them like this in a vase until I had time to use them but I thought they looked so nice that I probably couldn't do anything that would make them look nicer. But I did want them on the table. Around midnight they turned into this.

I also wanted a foliage arrangement for the high shelf in my living room. That's a bit of a tall order as I have nothing usable in the garden and all I could find in the shops was a bough of spuce. So I went scavenging in the dark and found a wealth of treasures. These came from the grounds of a derelict factory. I put them in the bath to have a good long drink and to give the spiders time to run away.

and they turned into this.

You may have noticed that I haven't yet used the lilies and sea hollies. I'm still trying to decide what to do with those.


craftimamma said...

Jo, I love these! I think I'm going to place an order for next Christmas.

Phree said...

Oh your arrangements are gorgeous! Are the sea hollies the blue ones I saw in the first photo- they look stunning!

Phree said...

Your arrangements are gorgeous. Are the blue flowers in the first photo the ones you call Sea Hollies? They look beautiful.

InkyArtitude said...

Oh Jo, your flowers are beautiful. I love what you've done with the roses, a work of art! I really enjoy working with flowers but over Christmas, they often just get 'plonked' in a vase with very little creative flair. You've really enhanced their natural beauty!