Thursday, 19 February 2009

Simple card

I've been playing today and have some bits in the pipeline. But I wanted something to show for my time at the end of the day so I put this together. I might put some words on that printed paper. Should I...shouldn't I?


craftimamma said...

This card is beautiful in it's simplicity. That stylised butterfly is one of my favourites and having seen your stamping first hand I know this will be immaculately done.

I would put a small sentiment on if it were my card.

Lesley Xx

Phree said...

Lovely card, sometimes simple is best, but as Lesley said, maybe a small sentiment would add that little extra touch you want.

Jo said...

Thanks, girls. That's good advice. I've now added a small modest peel off greeting to the patterned paper and it looks just right. My sentiments and greetings always end up being an afterthought. Must try and remember them sooner.