Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bodger comes of age?

This is not the card I set out to make! How often does that happen? I was planning to do something a bit more complicated. The first poppy image I made was much more subtle. It was stamped using coloured markers. I watercoloured it but wasn't hapy with the colour of the seed pods. Then, when I glazed the petals with Diamond Glaze, the colours changed. So I tried something a bit different, stamped in black and clear embossed, and the bolder image demanded a more 'robust' background than the one I'd prepared.

The resulting card is much simpler but what really pleased me about it was that I didn't bodge anything along the way. There were no bits I felt the need to disguise. I even managed to shape the petals in the foreground without destroying the glazed surface (not Diamond Glaze this time but clear embossing powder). I'd like to think maybe I've turned a corner but I suspect it's just a fluke and I will be bodging again before long.


craftimamma said...

It may be a simple card Jo but it's very dramatic. I love everything about it from the base card to the coloured image. The watercolour effect is beautiful and I especially like the glazed areas.

Lesley Xx

Jules said...

Really like your card - the colours and the image are just great. I must admit that when I set out to make a card it seldom looks how I originally planned it in my head - bodging often comes into it and changes what I create. Lol!! Love Jules xx

Phree said...

Oh gosh, your comment about this not being the card you set out to make brought a rueful grin to my face cuz that happens to me all the time! Love the card you did make tho, it's bold but classy too.