Monday, 22 September 2008

A card of firsts

Sh! Can you keep a secret? I don't usually like to blog my cards before I've given them. That seems to be an unwritten rule here in Blogland. But I won't be giving this one for a couple of weeks and, because it is the beginning of a little journey, I didn't want to post it out of sync.

It is a card of firsts. It is the first time I've used my Cuttlebug and the first time I've used Stampbord.

I tried to practice stamping my gypsy girl on card before risking the Stampbord. Over my shoulder I could hear Glenda Waterworth whispering, "Allow yourself to waste two pieces." But this escaped the bin, probably because I was so cautious with it. I'd planned to colour the image but it is not very big and I was worried about losing definition so I just shaded her skin very lightly and coloured the rose red.

If I was making it again I'd trim the embossed panel more. It seemed a crime to cut any of it away! The grosgrain looks blue in the photo but is actually purple with white organza behind it.


Phree said...

Lovely card! I know how you felt with that first stampbord piece. I had a bag of stampbord lying for ages, scared to try it incase I wasted it! It was Glenda's stampbord challenge that made me take the plunge finally and like you I was thinking to myself "Glenda says allow yourself 2 pieces to waste"

craftimamma said...

Oh Jo, this card is beautiful and I know the young lady in question is going to love receiving it.


Anonymous said...

GOOD FOR YOU! See, it's not so scary when you just dive in and try it and the results are stunning!