Saturday, 11 October 2008

Another fairy card

I'm on a bit of a roll with the fairy now and happy to go with the flow as I'm still recovering from a 'dry' spell.

Because of the shading , the stamped flowers on the first fairy card look from a distance as if they are set in an aperture. So I tried making a real aperture card with the fairy perched on the frame. This was meant to be an experimental exercise and started with some fairly basic bloopers but I've spent a lot of time on it today and have completed a card. The fairy is layered and I'm quite happy with her. The greeting tag I quite liked but the words seem a bit lost on it and it looked no better matted on one or more layers. Maybe it would have looked better at an angle.

1 comment:

craftimamma said...

Jo, she's so cute. There's nothing wrong with the greeting at all. It looks fine to me and I love the colours. In fact, I really like everything you've done with this card.