Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The sofa wins again

I've had nothing new to blog for a while but I really need to get in the Christmas mood. I have plenty of materials and plenty of inspiration to refer to. But somehow my rear craves the proximity of the sofa when my muse calls! I thought if I put a picture of this lovely ribbon on my blog and stared at it long enough, I would get the calling. I've left the prices on these. Good value huh?


Phree said...

Wow those ribbons look devine, and doubly devine at that price. I know what you mean about missing mojo, mine has been out of action for a week or so, but seems to be on it's way back today!

craftimamma said...

I've been looking at your ribbons again Jo. They are gorgeous (and a bargain at that price). I've not managed to find any inspirational ribbon yet this year, although I've not looked far yet. I'm banking on the NEC when we go.

Lesley XX