Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Strawberry season

I bought this little board crate full of strawberries a couple of months ago. I have to be honest and admit the crate appealed to me even more than the strawberries did. It slots together like those balsa wood model kits you can buy. So I took it apart, stamped and embossed on what had been the inside and put it back together inside out. The brown colour is original. In places it was slightly darker, almost as though it had been lightly scorched. So I touched it up with Distress Ink to enhance the effect. I'm really pleased with it because, for once, it actually turned out just the way I wanted it. I'd told myself if I messed it up I'd just have to force myself to eat another kilo of strawberries. But I haven't seen these since so it's as well I got it right first time.

In the photo it is modelling with ink pads but that's just so the pictures of the strawberries (now on the inside) don't detract from the design. I can't decide how to decorate the inside. I was going to do it with papers but I'd need to seal it as I want it to be robust enough to be of practical use to me.


veronica said...

what a good idea Jo -strawberries round here just come in plastic boxes, sigh.

Elaine said...

Great project Jo, I love a bit of good recycling and this looks really pretty and a jolly good excuse for eating lots of strawberries too!

craftimamma said...

Like Veronica I've not seen strawberries in boxes like this. That's a shame because I love what you've done with this. It looks so pretty.

Lesley Xx

Maureen said...

Love that box Jo, I would never have thought of doing that at all.We certainly look at everyday objects with a totally different eye.

Clare (Littlebear) said...

what a brilliant idea and so gorgeous too!
Clare x